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It seems that at some point everyone says (at least to themselves) that if only TROUTING were a word they would be up 61 points. Could I play it off? Try, like Kramer, to use it in a sentence and trick my opponent? ("Quone. To quone something. Well, you won't find it in there, you need a medical dictionary!") Or, better yet, "I am only two letters and a place to play it from spelling NUTRITION!" Much the same way that you are a million dollars shy of having $1,000,048. "What is the point, really?" That is where it goes. Looming over any game of chance or skill is the spectre of another existential crisis. "Why does any of this matter!?" you'll think. This game will be where nihilism or entropy or apathy will finally get the best of you. You have staved it off a long while. It has earned it by now. You knew this day was coming. Close your eyes and let the destruction take hold. It will be over soon. No looking back now.