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18 Dec, 2018 :: My favourite albums of 2018

  1. Busdriver .:. Electricity is On Our Side
    Favourite Track: Right Before the Miracle

  2. Feminazgul .:. The Age of Men Is Over
    Favourite Track: To the Throat

  3. Open Mike Eagle .:. What Happens When I Try To Relax
    Favourite Track: Southside Eagle

  4. Mitski .:. Be The Cowboy
    Favourite Track: Nobody

  5. Jean Grae & Quelle Chris .:. Everythings’ Fine
    Favourite Track: Gold Purple Orange

  6. Blood Orange .:. Negro Swan
    Favourite Track: Runnin’ ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow

  7. Milo .:. budding ornithologists are weary of tired analogies
    Favourite Track: failing the stress test (iguessillbeheadingthen)

  8. Georgia Anne Muldrow .:. Overload
    Favourite Track: Overload

  9. Optiganally Yours .:. O.Y. in Hi-Fi
    Favourite Track: Too Close To The Sun

  10. Nao .:. Saturn
    Favourite Track: Another Lifetime

  11. Nomadic War Machine .:. Always ↙↙↙ Forever
    Favourite Track: No Gods No Boyfriends

  12. Brandi Carlile .:. By The Way, I Forgive You
    Favourite Track: Hold Out Your Hand

  13. Tuyo .:. Pra Curar
    Favourite Track: Me Leva

  14. NoName .:. Room 25
    Favourite Track: Blaxploitation

  15. Ghost .:. Prequelle
    Favourite Track: Pro Memoria

  16. Czarface & MF Doom .:. Czarface meets Metal Face
    Favourite Track: Phantoms ft. Open Mike Eagle & Kendra Morris

  17. serpentwithfeet .:. soil
    Favourite Track: mourning song

  18. MC Paul Barman .:. (((echo chamber)))
    Favourite Track: (((believe that))) ft. Open Mike Eagle

  19. Saba .:. Care for Me
    Favourite Track: Logout ft. Chance the Rapper

  20. The Breeders .:. All Nerve
    Favourite Track: MetaGoth

##Honourable Mentions & Singles
Black Thought .:. Streams of Thought Vols. 1 & 2 (Double EP)
Wax Mannequin .:. Have a New Name
Andre 3000 .:. Look Ma No Hands (Single)
Lizzo .:. Truth Hurts (Single)
Childish Gambino .:. This Is America (Single)

14 Oct, 2015 :: Son-of-the-South

Ever since I made the choice to move my family from Oregon to South Carolina I have spent a great amount of time thinking about my relationship with the south. I have noticed that most people I know who moved to the west coast from the south have the attitude of having “gotten out” or “escaped”. I, too, had the... Continue Reading ->

06 Oct, 2015 :: Moving

Last week my wife and I decided to move from Eugene, Oregon to my home town of Lexington, South Carolina.
The decision didn’t come lightly at first, but the longer I think on it the more I feel that it is simply the right thing to do for our family.
Some back story: In 2003 I was nineteen... Continue Reading ->

30 Jun, 2015 :: The Smiths

When I was about 14 I started listening to metal and punk almost exclusively. The loud, sloppy, noisy, and angry kind. The stuff that sounds good when you are a kid and parents just don’t understand. Since I was a certified poseur I also read all of the rock and punk magazines that I could get my hands on. Despite... Continue Reading ->

15 Jun, 2014 :: Big Brother

On 21 October our second child was born. We named him Opal Poseidon. Opal is calm and completely at peace with the world that surrounds him— no matter how boisterous that world may be. As the one in the room onto which the title of ‘adult’ is bestowed, this brings me near to the point of sneering at times. His... Continue Reading ->